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That's Amore

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"That's Amore" is an initiative that NAPP began to support the continued education of our teachers and staff at Northbrook in the highly regarded Reggio Approach. In 2022, Northbrook Preschool sent our director and pedagogista (a learning theorist who helps teachers in the Reggio Emilia approach) to Reggio, Italy for a week of intensive training and continued education. What they learned was so impactful that the school decided to send additional teachers to Reggio, Italy each year for training. These teachers and staff members will return back to our school and lead other teachers on ways to incorporate the Reggio Emilia approach at Northbrook Preschool. Students will see the benefits in these teachings each school year and our little preschool will continue to nurture and educate through play.

NAPP helps to raise funds for our school, playground, teachers, and more each year because we truly love our school.

And THAT'S Amore!

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